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Lofty Ambitions for a Week of Flying Solo November 20, 2010

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I:  Independence

When I learned my husband was going to be out of town around the world for one week, I initially went into panic mode. But I had handled this type of situation swimmingly before, I could do it again. An opportunity.


LG - A Smooth Operator

LG - A Smooth Operator

Saturday 13: It began with a list that even before he was gone I was working on. It started with appliances. It might date me to say how insanely excited the purchase of new appliances – washer, dryer, microwave and vacuum – made me, but just last night a co-worker confirmed that yes, it is indeed thrilling.  The adrenaline rush was heightened by the wild cherry red (to which my mom acknowledged with an ohhh, which meant she thought I would probably regret this color choice later) and the blizzard en route to the St. Paul Warners’ Stellian Warehouse for their Extreme Sale. All worth it as the anticipation of waiting for delivery all week has actually put a smile on my face everyday. That started on Saturday the 13th and set the tone for the week.


Monday 15: He left early Monday a.m. The kids had a talking-to about how I’m extra specially counting on them to do their part this week. The chore charts were taped up on the wall in anticipation of the extreme efficiency with which we were going to operate. I’m happy to report that the 6:59a.m. bus was made 4 of 5 days. It’s only a short block’s walk to the stop with my 7-yr-old while my 5-yr-old explores his independence for 2-3 minutes at home. When asked, he says he just laid on the couch during that time. I lock the door, of course.

My Haven - A 2' Raise

My Haven - A 2' Raise


Monday night, after fortuitously finding that USABaby had extended their weekend sale through Monday (due to the blizzard), it was finally the moment for Calvin’s bed frame and dresser purchase. Without realizing it, I am on a color theme. I select Chili Pepper Red, again an ohhh from my Mom (just wait til I save up for the tangerine night stand). Calvin wondered what was wrong with his bed on the floor. How would he organize his clothes? Custom orders are a 6-8 week wait, so in theory I will be smiling until January about that purchase. It’s only Monday night and just look how much (damage) we have done.


Tuesday 16: Tonight was a visit to my friend Steph’s house to meet her new baby and give the kids (her son is 4) a chance to play. She’s lived in St. Paul for 5 years and lamely, I had never been to her house. This also is an amazingly good feeling to have time out of discussions with a group of girls at a restaurant/bar to reconnect not only with her, but get to know her kids. I fed Baby Logan her bottle, to which she lost most of its contents. My kids, wide-eyed wondered how I would handle the messy situation. We talked about it later – how not to panic. Calvin noted that we wouldn’t want to imply that we didn’t like her baby.


Wednesday 17: Today was a social media seminar and the launch of this blog which kept me up til midnight.

Laziness Turns to Evil

Laziness Turns to Evil


Thursday 18: A trip to the dentist. We didn’t actually see the dentist, mind you. We were late so had to reschedule. We were not going to let this get us down (actually my son was overjoyed). Solution: Southdale. I got my much needed make-up while the kids tested lotions at Aveda. They got their xmas outfits (you know the usual deals you get 25% off and an additional deal the store clerk whispers that she’ll give you on top of that – the norm these days). And we topped everything off with Megamind. More on this later under “Y” for Yeses and Recommendations. I will say I found humor in the off pronunciations of words like Metrocity (Met TRA city; think monstrosity) and melancholy (Mel LAN choly), reminiscent of my Dad’s southmore for sophomore and IT ly for Italy.


Friday 19: Finally Friday. The annual awards celebration for work in the eve. Dual babysitters and arrangements. Uncle Pauly did the first shift and one of their regular babysitters showed up with her cousin for the later shift. Home at midnight and a quick check of my email yielded good news that helped me sleep soundly – the husband was going to be home a day early, for lunch on Saturday.


We did well with our independence. There is a sense of accomplishment. No illnesses, no regrets. Next time, I’m going with him. Check.


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