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A Twisted Princess Birthday Party June 7, 2014

E: Eats; O: Outings

When we last hosted a princess-themed birthday party, my daughter, Ava, was five. For her 11th birthday, the princess party in pink evolved to the Twisted Princess party. In years past, I had always taken the lead as party-planner. This year, I turned the reigns over to her. She handled it like a pro!


Party Planning

Princess Punch

Princess Punch

She made out a plan for the party including games, food, decor and sleeping arrangements and the main event – a trip to the movie theater to see Maleficent on opening night. We discussed theme options at length. Disney movies like Tangled and Frozen were too little girl like. Plus, every girl would want to be more individual and show their own style thus the Twisted Princess theme. We were going to do full hair and make-up to resemble a randomly selected princess, but our make-up artist (my sister-in-law, Katie), was not available. So Ava opted to throw princess options into a hat for her and five guests including Goldilocks, Snow White, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Gretel from Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella. They did their own make-up in frighteningly fairy tale style.


Eat Me Cupcakes

Eat Me Cupcakes

We chose eats and drinks for the party based on our princesses. Apple Orchard Punch (Drink Me!) and stacked frosted two-tier cupcakes (Eat Me!) from Alice in Wonderland went over particularly well. Snacks on hand included mini shortbread cookies from Hansel and Gretel and caramel apple slices inspired by Snow White. I’m not sure where Pizza Luce enters into a fairy tale, but I let that one slide. For breakfast the morning after, we went with porridge courtesy of Goldilocks and pancakes just because. Rapunzel and Cinderella did not make the menu.


Party Day

Six Twisted Princesses

Six Twisted Princesses

Per the usual, I am cleaning, running to Target and the grocery store several times and hitting up Party City the day before. Ava and I make the red velvet and white cupcakes the night before, I frost and decorate them the day of. Party City has some great theme decor, but Ava has outgrown a lot of it. I land on a pattern (Sweet Stuff) that has stripes and polka-dots and walk out of there with a huge fancy balloon and six smaller ones so each girl can have her own color.


I pick up Ava and two of her friends from school around 3:00 on Friday. The other two girls join around 4:30. Plenty of time for a full evening of fun! Pizza arrives around 5:15 then we load up and head to Southdale Center for the movie. The ride over is full of who likes who (or more like who doesn’t like who) in typical fifth-grade girl fashion. We get our tickets and then because we have time, rush the mall. I wasn’t prepared to see these girls so crazed about shopping – – I could not control them! After breezing through Len, See’s Candies and Francesca’s, we wrap it up and head back to the theater.



Shopping-Crazed Girls

Shopping-Crazed Girls

Maleficent starts with a promise of Disney magic and Angelina is amazing in high cheek bones, wings and horns. Much wrath, life-like tree fighters and a mythological world evoked scenes from Lord of the Rings and Avatar. The girls agree it was a good movie, but it did not leave them raving about it.


We arrive at our house post movie and the girls engage in an art contest – there are creators and judges. The rules: no winners or losers, every entry gets a “best of” award for something. How very diplomatic of them! … I personally love that it’s quiet for a short while. Then my 8 year-old son, Calvin, descends upon them to control the tunes. Then dancing.  We break for cupcakes (which served as her birthday cake) and more punch. On to a movie and more make-up. I leave them to their own. I head to bed and they are up until at least 1:00.


The next morning, we have some groggy girls. Some have to leave early for family stuff, sports and other activities. I am worn out from all of the planning and party and per the usual, could use a nap now!

— Happy 11th Birthday, Ava! We love you!



3 Responses to “A Twisted Princess Birthday Party”

  1. […] Ava including Disco Superstars (age 8), Babycakes (age 9), Peace, Love and Balloons (age 10) and Twisted Princess (age 11), this one would be notably different in many ways. […]

  2. Lois Rute Says:

    what a wonderful party for Ava’s 11th birthday. Where did the years go? Love the theme and very creative and LOTS OF WORK. Cupcakes looked yummy.

  3. Rose Shanley Says:

    Ava learned from a pro 🙂 Jen, you’ve had amazing parties every year for both Ava & Calvin! What fun had by all–with the naps that followed the festivities I’m sure there were visions of all of the adventures everyone had …

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