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An American Girl Birthday Whirl July 18, 2013

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BD Girls and Grandma

BD Girls and Grandma

What better way to ring in your tenth birthday than at the American Girl Cafe? My 10 year-old daughter and I had often times thought about going – – just the two of us — but never had. It had to be for a special occasion. Goodness knows we’re at the Mall of America¬†quite a bit. So when grandma Susie brought up the idea for us girls to go, we jumped at the opportunity.


Mia and Piper, Ava’s American Girl dolls, were pretty stoked too. Ava’s cousin Amy, who’s a year older, has a birthday the day prior to hers. In total we were three grown-ups, two birthday girls and three American Girls. We had reservations on a Thursday in June for the seven of us.


AG Two-Layer BD Cake

AG Two-Layer BD Cake

When grandma booked, the AG Cafe sent her AG invites to send out to her granddaughters. She mailed them to the girls to make it official. Ava planned out the morning of the luncheon and made sure Mia and Piper were in their party dresses, hair loosely curled for one and a sock bun (new technique we learned) for the other, and on their best behavior.


We met our party at the AG Cafe. We had strolled by it many times, but could appreciate first-hand the decked out pink decor this time around. You really can’t get more girly. Our server greeted us and the birthday girls by name. The AG girls had their own chairs at the table too. We ordered a round of pink lemonade because it just seemed fitting.


Cake & Fake (Flower)

Cake & Fake (Flower)

We ordered off of the Birthday Bistro Celebration menu with pricing set for one appetizer, one entree and one dessert per person. The warm-artichoke spinach dip was a serious favorite, followed by the avocado chicken sandwich. I thought there might be more tea party like options, but they were clearly going for classed up comfort food (mac n cheese, chicken nuggets) that kids and moms (I would say parents, but I didn’t spot a single dad in the place) could enjoy.


The AG girls got some cool fake balloons form-fitted for their little hands out of the deal. We were served a yummy two layer white and chocolate cake on a cake stand and my personal favorite — ice cream in mini flower pots with fake yellow flowers on top. The birthday song might as well be continuously played there. Our server joined us in the tune, then cut and served the cake.


All of us girls had a special, fancy luncheon with two gift bags to boot that contained an AG t-shirt and scrapbook. Good swag considering a retail purchase of these items would run up to $25 total. It was a birthday celebration for the books no doubt. If you’re looking to celebrate with a special young lady in your life, I’d definitely recommend giving the cafe (and spa, if you have time) a whirl!


— ¬†Happy Birthday to Ava (10) and Amy (11)!
check out the video below on YouTube or VINE at jengilhoi : https://vine.co/v/bltAKww9Wmx


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