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Eggstatic About a New Way to Dye April 3, 2012

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Last year around Easter we experimented with some new techniques: Easter Egg Blowout, This Time They’re Deviled and The Incredible Inedible Egg. We’re back at it this year, only not quite as revolutionary.  It’s just a new way to dye.


We received a package from Nana about a month ago about this fabulous new application for dying your eggs. They claimed to marblize them. I was curious. Around the same time my Martha Living April mag arrived – true to form about five weeks prior to the issue’s month. Martha had set her sights high for Easter 2012. She had marbled eggs too. And one cool seemingly doable application I wanted to try, but most likely will not find the time to execute prior to the hard-boileds spoiling or Easter passing us by.


Marble Manufacturing

Marble Manufacturing

My Martha issue is flagged, but after eyeing this kit for weeks we decided to see what the fuss was about. Half-heartedly I opened the fridge door and found three random cartons of mis-matched white and brown eggs of all different sizes post Palm Sunday brunch staring back at me.  Okay, we’ll do it, I told my 8-year-old daughter who had been looking to get crafty all day.


We hard-boiled a dozen eggs. My daughter donned the gloves that came with the kit. None for me. There were five colors so we tried to do at least one white and one brown for each color – making for quite a mix. Some were organic, cage-free and some were not. They varied in size too. Would Martha approve of these inconsistencies?


My daughter’s gloved hands stayed dye-free. In between dye color changes, I helped her wash her gloves. My hands took on all the dye. I was toxic. The process for each egg was quick – apply 3-4 drops of color and swirl in your hands. Very fun for Ava. She got carried away only once and dropped one. Strange it did not crack.


Marble-vlous Display

Marble-vlous Display

The process was faster than the dye in the mug treatment, but did not yield the marbling promised on the packaging. Perhaps we did not have the eggs warm enough as the packing suggested, but I was not keen on putting them in the microwave. They dried quickly and we were on to other things, me with a red hand up to a good three hours later.


We assembled a little egg display, complete with some of last year’s blown out eggs. Martha’s treatment I mentioned earlier would include wrapping some colored string around the egg in various patterns. Could be noteable and even fun with a hot glue gun, but for this Easter we’re calling it good.


What’s your favorite way to dye?


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