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Swiper, No Swiping! August 12, 2011

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U: The Unknown

We went to the Walker Open Field, Sculpture Garden and even hit the Uptown Art Fair last weekend. I took lots of pictures, but you won’t see them. I no longer have them. In fact thousands of pictures of my kids, friends and family since early 2010 were on my laptop that was swiped from my desk at my office while I was in an afternoon meeting. I thought I had sufficient back-up for all of these files. Not true, not even close. I’m emotionally drained from the week and the implications of all of my missing work and personal data are just beginning. Shock. Anger. Frustration. Soon I hope to get to namaste and leave it all behind. I need to move on.

Laptop Swiper

Laptop Swiper


As my kids learned early and oft with the lurking Swiper the Fox of Dora, that it is not polite or ethical to steal. We have turned this “swiper” incident into a lesson – back-up your information, store it in several locations and be careful with your personal information. Pay attention to your surroundings. Because of my obsession with the thief this week, I’m making some heightened observations as I wonder what motivates a person to steal and if there is any remorse on their part after. Do they sleep better at night assuming people have all of their info backed up and that insurance will cover the cost of items lost?

Because I haven’t slept well all week. Luckily my kids came back from their mini-vacation on Wednesday and lightened up my sour mood. Just to make me feel better, they hammed it up for the camera and were completely willing to smile nicely for me. While everything is still a significant loss in my book, I am seeking out the positive.

So you just have to take my word for it. We were at Walker Open Field and the Uptown Art Fair and we had a blast! During the summer, Open Field takes the majority of their monthly First Saturday free family day activities outside. We missed June and July Saturdays, but iffy weather moved those indoors anyway. It was a warm summer day on August 6. My Mom, the kids and I arrived at the Walker around 10:30 and parked near the Flat Pak House and walked through the Sculpture Garden to Open Field.

The theme for today was LARP (Live Action Role Playing). The kids and I tried on some fabulous masks used at the Soap Factory and talked with illustrators. With that inspiration, the kids created their own swords and shields. Sara, a WAC volunteer and student, helped Ava with hers and I helped Calvin with his. They had even thought to bring simple cloaks the kids could slip on. A volunteer brought us back to the flickr station. At least I dug up the photos from the LARPing – these kids (and grown-ups too) are so creative!

They dueled it out in the area roped off just for that purpose. Ava’s Fierce Snowy Owl shield protected her and Calvin’s lightsaber-like sword took down opponents swiftly. It’s fun to take a teenager down! I had a video of that too. We had lunch from the grill outside, made a quick stop to the spell-making tent and headed south to the Uptown Art Fair. What a zoo – which I knew. I had lived in the area in my college days. Upon a quick survey of crowds and parking, I left it open for a go/no-go decision. Surprisingly, a spot right outside of Isles Bun & Coffee Co awaited us.

Ava quizzed all of the artists and collected their cards. Artists from all over the country in all different mediums. Northern Clay Center was there too on the library’s rooftop, complete with potter’s wheels and instructors on hand to help people make their own works of art. We now get to look forward to a drive to their center to pick up the finished works of art in August. One banana smoothie later, around 2:15, we called it a day.

Although photos are lost on the day, our memories are not erased. So I will move on, taking snapshots per the usual. I will not let Swiper get the best of us – we are explorers and have many more adventures awaiting us. Vamanos!


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