An Exploration of Parenting by the Vowel

An Easter Blow Out April 24, 2011

A: Activities and U: The Unknown

This is the first Easter post kids that I can recall us parents being on our own for Easter activities. I discovered that it’s really a mini-Christmas with decorating, egg-coloring, a visit from the Easter Bunny, brunch and hiding jelly beans for the hunt.


We’ve always hard-boiled eggs prior to coloring them, which means you don’t want to make them too close to Easter. By the time my week wound down and we re-grouped on Friday, two days out from Easter, all the crafts that intrigued me suggested blowing out the eggs. Foreign concept to me.  We watched an MS video, which didn’t necessarily convince me it would be easy. Regardless, we forged ahead and made our list.


Egg Blowout Technique

Egg Blowout Technique


From the millions of Martha crafts we chose the Big-Eared Bunny and the Crepe Paper Bunnies. I don’t know if I’ve ever made a recipe or craft by fully following the instructions – I’m always tweaking a bit.  I call it Martha with modifications. These two crafts were no exceptions.


We bought a few dozen eggs on Friday. That’s all the further we got. First thing Saturday we’re up and trying to figure this technique out. I notice our eggs have been branded. They have a “EB” on on end for Eggsland’s Best, or Easter Bunny, as I suggested to the kids. The first two explode before we can get all of the contents out.  We made the mistake of making the top hole so large that the pressure from the tool was too much. As we progress, we make some adjustments – for example, really only a pin hole is needed in the top hole. In all the rest of the bunch, with two random brown eggs added (26 total), we only lose three.  The third one my 5-yr-old, Calvin, held too unsteady while trying to pierce the egg with a safety pin. After we get a routine down, Calvin is fascinated by the egg scrambling and content extraction (among other names) and sticks with it for the full 23.


Bunnies Outweigh Carrots in the Garden

Bunnies Outweigh Carrots in the Garden


We take a break a head to the MIA for Titian. When we proceed with the dyeing process, it’s 3:30. Because the eggs are hollow, they are nearly impossible to submerge in the dye. Martha recommended doing it in this order: blow out then dye. So this is a source of frustration. We finally rig it up with coffee mugs and a medium weight spoon face up to hold down the buoyant, fragile egg shells. Only once does a mug and it’s content spill. Final count are 7 pink and 4 orange for the Big-Eared Bunny craft and 12 miscellaneous colors (including one black sheep (bunny) of the family that comes from an original brown egg in midnight blue dye).


It’s like 5:00 on Saturday.  We leave them out to dry. I just use cookie drying racks whereas Martha has a foamcore and straight pin grid for drying. I test out the glue’s strength (weak) to adhere straightened felt ears (heavy). It’s obvious that is not going to work. We improvise with some plaid paper for ears and I get out my narrow scrapbooking tape which works wonders. The pompon noses go on with glue, I dot the eyes and stick them back in the egg carton container. I also improvise with green construction paper for the carrot tops.  The 11 eggs end up in the carton which is now the garden, due to a few failed passes at the felt-bunny feet. Time for bed.


Bunnies in their Baskets

Bunnies in their Baskets


Easter morning. We finish up the bunnies (close-up) in their cupcake homes pretty quickly. Again altering Martha because we couldn’t find crepe paper. Mind you, the crepe paper streamers at home are too flimsy, not the same thing as the pressed crepe paper. We settled on colored cardstock paper. I traced the 22 ears and my 7-yr-old daughter, Ava,  cut them out and creased them. And as we didn’t have crepe paper for the grass in their baskets, they got the Easter basket cellophane filling. We glued on the small nose pompon and the larger tail ponpom, made the eyes and attached the ears. Now it’s 7:30a.m. I’m calling it done.


Next up church, brunch and the hunt. While we’re away at church, the EB takes care of the jellybean hunt and pops in the quiche. Post ceremony, the kids run wildly around the house – only to collect like 20 jellybeans each. They did get a boomerang and a balloon machine to make fancy balloon shapes too. I am pleased we kept the giant chocolate bunnies out – no major feat. And the Easter baskets, courtesy of their Grandma, had Goldfish (crackers) and plants – great ideas.  We set the table with our decor, light a few Easter candles and enjoy brunch.  It’s 11:30a.m. I’m hoppy it’s all over and time for this bunny to take a nap.


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