An Exploration of Parenting by the Vowel

Unlucky Strikes March 17, 2011

U: The Unknown

As luck might have it and much to my daughter’s dismay, we did not catch a Leprechaun on St. Patty’s Day Eve. On the eve of green, while I was out, my kids and their Dad put together an elaborate trap to catch even the most clever leprechaun off-guard. The scene was set with research and care. In the dark of the dining room, only poorly illuminated by the kitchen light, I arrived late to the scene. I did not see the note.


“Leprechaun Trap. Do not Destroy.” This might have warranted a text from my husband to call it to my attention. Or had I not been so focused on tidying up the kitchen and environs at breakneck speed, the green glitter, gold coins and large plastic container pitched up on one side, might have cued me into the trap.


Instead, I swept up the green shimmery glitter, sprung the trap by moving the box and vaguely recall seeing some shiny coins. It should have struck me as a bit odd perhaps, but having walked into many a fort, built-work or crazy messy scene when Dad and kids have creative time, it seemed the norm to me.


Bowlers and Bagels

Bowlers and Bagels

The next morning: Ava, my 7-yr-old, had big tears rolling into her cereal milk (which I meant to taint with a bit of green dye for fun). She wondered why I had to go and ruin it. When my son awoke 10 minutes later, I expected a similar lecture from him: “Did you not SEE the note?” However, he took in the scene and noted that the coins where gone. He suggested that maybe the Leprechaun had come during the night, got the coins and smartly avoided the trap. I went with this and oh they liked this idea. We might get rich yet!


I suggested we reset it for the day. Ava was not keen on this, figuring we had missed all chances of catching one until next year (note: instead of shamrock face paintings, her school opted to make her a werewolf of sorts that day?). Bad morning to be on such a tight time line. I had to leave the house at 7:00am for green bagels and a meeting, no time for such shenanigans. I said goodbye to Calvin suited up in his 3 layers of green shirts and delivered Ava to her bus stop.


Temptation for the Trap

Temptation for the Trap

When we arrived home after school, Calvin with his friend, Churchill — I toasted up some doughy Brueggers Bagels that were a bit too green and they donned their Irish bowler hats. Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal was on the playlist. Impressive that they made the connection between their hats and MJ’s bowler hat worn in the video of the same name.


We talked about all green and all enticing items to the mischievous leprechaun and reset the trap as seen here.  We are talking some strategic photographer effort here, getting down to the perspective of a two-inch tall little person’s view to capture what this array of temptations might look like.


The trap includes scissors, tooth flossers, foam spray candy, tape, Club crackers made by Keebler Elves (elves being akin to leprechauns and all), glitter, a tiny green speedy car and a screw to hold the entire thing up. The screw is rigged to the car so when the leprechaun tries to speed away, their fate is sealed.

Shenanigans for the Irish at Heart

Shenanigans for the Irish at Heart


Obviously we are not going to catch one. What should I tell the kids on the morning of March 18, when there is no gold?


Note: During this day of March Madness, Grownups Robyn, Lisa and Jen enjoyed some shenanigans of our own at Coopers – – indulging in the Cougar Burger and Ginger Irish Whiskey.


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