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Packing for Relaxing March 5, 2011

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Y: YOLO (Travel Adventures)

When we arrive at our destination, my daughter’s suitcase will have its own packing list like an official shipment from a factory.  She started the list nearly three weeks ago for our 4-day vacation. It’s a warm-weather one mind you, so all of last summer’s wardrobe needed a quick try-on to assure fit.  The list includes swechrts (sweatshirts), flipflops (spelled correctly!) and braclits (bracelets).

Layout First, Pack Second

Layout First, Pack Second


I am reminded of vacations prior to kids when I’d leave packing until the last minute. No more. For sanity’s sake, it needs to be planned out. Three weeks out – clothes shopping. Ava needs a new sun hat, swimsuit, sunglasses, tennis shoes (for all of the hiking she plans to do at our destination) and a cover-up. Calvin needs new shorts, sunglasses and a cool trucker/skateboarder hat, he convinced me.  Us parents are going to make due with what we have with the exception of some trendy sunglasses from Target and a timely order of new jewelry from Stella & Dot.


Two weeks out – online research for activities, making reservations and getting a tentative plan together. Really, I do like to relax, but only if it’s planned relaxation. Our family of four is meeting my parents in Arizona, who’ve been down there for two weeks now, and my brother and his girlfriend are also flying down. With the 8 of us renting a VRBO (vacation rental by owner), there needs to be some tentative outline of a plan.  I initiate it. Usually everyone just emails back two words of helpful feedback, “sounds good!”


One week out – haircuts. See previous blog about the cuts and you’ll understand why this task is not left to last-minute. Plus I always hear people say you need at least a week for your new ‘do to figure out what to do.  During this week, the kids started laying out their stuff too.  Especially Ava. We talk about activities we’ll be doing, the weather and she makes her list of stuff to bring accordingly.  Here’s when I start to get overwhelmed. Not only are there clothes, coats, shoes, lifejackets (for pool and boat), but reading materials, toys, cards and all sorts of things to play with are also in the mix. I haven’t even thought once about what I’m packing and we’re three days out… I do manage to schedule a pedicure with my brother’s girlfriend for the Saturday morning prior to our flight. I will be super excited about that when the time comes.


Carry on then

2 days out – laundry.  I think I’ve done 8 loads of laundry in less than 24 hours. Luckily, I like my wild cherry appliances and their efficiency so much it eases the task a bit. We start three sections for clothes to pack on our dining room table with 2 leaves in, making it 104″ of organization.  The kids have yet another dance party to the AZ mix my husband made for them/us last week “– uno, dos, tres, quattro… I have condo we can stay…” Never gets old.


Day of – waiting. packing. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a 9:30p.m. flight to a vacation destination. Typically, we’ve scheduled the earliest flight possible in the morning. I’ve been up since Calvin came up to our room at 5:45a.m. to ask if we were excited that today is the day we go on vacation, reminiscent of Christmas morning anticipation. We have four hours until we leave for the airport. My 5-yr-old is taking the longest nap of his career this year and my 7-yr-old is splashing it up at a birthday party at Foss Swim School.


I should really get packing. I can relax later. I penciled that in for Tuesday between 10:30a.m. and 2:30p.m.


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