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Keep on Rockin in the Free World February 18, 2011

OP: Outings Preview

Window Seating Only

Window Seating Only

My dial doesn’t oft move from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) (91.1) on my morning commutes. If it does, it goes over to the Current (89.3). Even during the membership drives, I am not turned off. I revel that the show hosts are able to say the same thing in one million different ways and counting. It’s a message that resonates with me and all of MPR/Current members: Minnesota Public Radio is a free service, but the info and insight it brings to your life and our community is of value and needs to be supported with monetary contributions. Plus get free stuff, discounts and all sorts of perks if you do – see their very robust member page.


As Marianne Combs of MPR chimed in on the Current for yesterday’s weekly focus on art, she talked about the upcoming Rock the Cradle free event on Sunday, February 20 from 11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts/ Children’s Theater. The Current DJ’s will be reading stories during the event. Via the on-air-dialogue, I could sense a genuine excitement by Steve Seel to read Punk Farm. After a quick check of the schedule of events for the day online, I’ll also be sure to attend cartoonist Chris Monroe’s reading of The Sneaky Sheep – I’m fairly certain my 5-yr-old Calvin will want to go since he’s all about cartoons now.


Quietly Petting the Drums

Quietly Petting the Drums

Combs also piped in about how great it is that kids can touch, feel, play and experience musical instruments. I thought back to last year’s event when we stood in line to test out the drum set and piano in the area they’ve termed the Musical Petting Zoo. Let me assure you, the drums are impossible to “pet.” Bring your patience and earplugs if you’re sensitive (… I can listen to my own kids bang away on the drums, but other peoples’ kids… how annoying!)


Speaking of other people’s kids, I’d like to encourage all parents to attend with their kids. No, wait, that might make it too crowded… Although I guess it does hurt much because most hip parents I know are already planning to go. It can be tough to find seating for the concerts (go early or even late, I’d advise). We stood in the back during the musicians last year and created a spontaneous dance floor of sorts.


It's Black. It's White.

It's Black. It's White.

The band area was a blast last year with Koo Koo Kanga Roo, who will be there again this year, no doubt playing Lava Tag or Rollin in the Minivan. The kids packed the dance floor. The lights were low like an adult concert event. There was strong gourmet coffee for the parents which was much needed by the time 2:00p.m. rolled around. After all, we needed to keep up with the kids, who were rockin in the free (concert) world, courtesy of MPR/Current and MIA/Children’s Theater.


One Response to “Keep on Rockin in the Free World”

  1. Mary McCarten Says:

    Love it all! We should pay for this kind of advertising for Rock the Cradle!

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