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Calvin and Hobbit: Valentine’s Day (Part 2) February 11, 2011

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After making Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cherry Cookies for Valentine’s day, it was time to put some thought into the Valentine card. There are some really appealing store-bought options out there that the kids would love, however, we opted to go the homemade card route.


Calvin Coloring Calvin

Calvin Coloring Calvin

I might have been happy with a simple heart-shaped valentine and some variation of roses are red. Then I thought about wrapping treats in comic strips or stuffing the strips into the cellophane bag with treats just for laughs. It caused me to wonder about the modern-day comic. I have never been one to religiously follow any particular comic strip. I do remember reading Garfield a bit as well as some Peanuts. I started delving into the world of comics online. It’s alive and well let me tell you. Calvin and Hobbes on gocomics.com has forty comments on today’s comic strip about sledding.


It so happens that my soon to be six-year-old son’s name is Calvin. To answer what some of you are wanting to ask, No, we did not name him after Calvin Coolidge, Klein or Hobbes’ pal. We just liked the name. And I’m into this strip – I can relate even though somehow the author, who has no children, can write this stuff and be so right on. Strip author Bill Watterson describes his Calvin as “one of the most difficult six-year-old boys there is. Judging by his imagination, I think he’s destined to be something great.”


Calvin and Hobbit (Strip 1)

Calvin and Hobbit (Strip 1)

We wonder, if we made our own comic strip, what would it be like, what would we talk about? If there’s one re-occurring theme with my Calvin, it’s that he’s absolutely starving all of the time. And when he’s not starving, he’s dying of thirst. Obsessed with food. Ideally for him, he would live in Middle Earth and have ‘ses on every hour if he could…. nineses, ten’ses, elevenes…..


As it turns out the incident from the other night melds into our first script nicely. Scene 1: “Yeah, Yeah, I want to go to Ava’s basketball practice. Take me! Take me!” Scene 2: Alright (says Dad), Get bundled up. We’re leaving now.” Scene 3: (Mom to Dad): “You are NOT buying him treats from the vending machine.” Scene 4: (Mom to Calvin): “…so now you’re not even going?”


iPod Tunes: All You Need Is Love

iPod Tunes: All You Need Is Love

My Calvin gets a kick out of reading this continually. That really did happen, he says. We set up a mass production line for 19 cards for classmates and he colors them in, laughing and intense concentration alternating.  Ava’s got hers going too – a spoof off of the comic Jane’s World, a strip for all of those girls out there just trying to figure life out. This strip would be recreated in our eyes as Jaine’s World (as in Ava Jaine). Ava Jaine is a kind soul. Born a gemini, she is a teacher and explorer by nature, patiently finding her way in the world. We started a strip about her hair, then it got WAY to sensitive to complete. For a later activity, perhaps.


In addition to the strips, we found 39 fab ideas on familyfun.go.com including this rocket (5) and iPod (31). Those will go to the classmates along with the comic strips. I’m working on variations with less candy – the rocket with only Hersey kisses, no lifesavers and the iPod with only Reeses, not the sweathearts too. What fun am I? We will just have to see how things go over for the kids on February 14th.


3 Responses to “Calvin and Hobbit: Valentine’s Day (Part 2)”

  1. edamomie Says:

    kids out the door with valentine’s in hand: http://twitpic.com/photos/edamomie like 6 hours of work, mostly between 7:30p Sun and 7:30a Mon.

  2. edamomie Says:

    Christie – would like to see these thumbprint creatures. Thanks much for the heads-up on designmom.com. I need to try Design Mom’s Buckets of Love: http://www.designmom.com/2011/02/more-valentine-ideas/

  3. Christie Plackner Says:

    We do handmade Valentines too. This year’s sported creatures made from thumb prints. I already have an idea ready to go for next year – check out designmom.com

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