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Holiday Breakdown January 4, 2011

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A: Activities


12 Days of Break by the Letter: A Matching Game

12 Days of Break by the Letter: A Matching Game


Here’s how this holiday break went for our little family:


12 Ikran Dragons
11 Pairs of PJ’s
10 Runs down Buck Hill
9 Red Ryder Rifles
8 Sweet Italians
7 Jello Knox Blox
6 Tangled Rupunzels
5 Figure-eights
4 Pic-a-nic Baskets
3 Rumpelstiltskins
2 Trips to the Mall
and a Squeezy Burp from Junie B. Jones


And to break it down further:


12:  Ikran Dragons: the Ikran is the skyhigh-flying dragon in Avatar. I am about a year late to the table with this observation, but I was unsure of the kids’ readiness to comprehend this movie. Us parents screened the whole thing (2hrs 40min over the course of two nights) and finally gave in by break day #12. The kids got to watch it. I fast-forwarded through the battle scenes and did a lot of pausing and explaining. Worth it.


11: Pairs of PJ’s: What is it about grandparents and PJ’s (…and Herbergers I might add)? I am thrilled – the kids are now stocked for the year.


10: Runs down Buck Hill: First skiing lessons for the kids. Ava, my 7-yr-old, just went with it. Calvin, the 5-yr-old, questioned the best way to do everything and by the mid-point of the lesson (from our indoor vantage point), we could see him wildly gesturing to the big hill. He would not be left behind. Ava loved it so much she felt compelled to call her uncle and do some trash talking about how easy it was for her and too bad all he knew how to do was bomb the hill.


9:  Red Ryder Rifles: After blogging in an earlier post about comp tickets from Sweet Retreat to see A Christmas Story, turns out Snowmaggedon did prevent us from making the Saturday, December 18 show (they did actually have the 2:00p.m. show, just not the 7:30p.m.). We rescheduled for December 29, a perfectly sunny outdoor day for ice-skating as it were.  The play was a treat. There is not a bad seat in the house (we went from third row from stage to third row from the back) at the Children’s Theater. Anyway, Ralph, the older boy in the story, mentioned his dreamy Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle 9 x 90 times.


8:  Sweet Italians: Number of slices of our Pizzeria Lola Sweet Italian pizza. This new neighborhood joint knows pizza, beer, wine, ice-cream and atmosphere. On a Thursday night, we waited for an hour to be seated. It was packed. To stave off hunger for 5-10 minutes, the photo booth awaits. We also tried the Butternut squash, spaghetti squash, brown butter, Taleggio & sage pizza – yummy. When given the soft-serve ice cream choice of vanilla or pistachio, Calvin confidently ordered the ‘stacio. Also good stuff.


7:  Jello Knox Blox: See my Dec 24 post.


6:  Tangled Rupunzels: Grandparents took the kids to this one. My Dad loved it. I have nothing to add.


5:  Figure-eights: Last year, we did indoor ice-skating. Sunday, December 26 was sunny and perfect for outdoor ice-skating. We headed to a nearby park where only a few other skaters were. Ava, the more cautious, aimed not to fall. Calvin, now free of the “walker,” aimed to fall as much as possible at high speeds.  I skated with them. We all ended up in the snow banks surrounding the rink from time to time.


4:  Pic-a-nic Baskets: Yogi Bear. I knew I couldn’t stomach this one in 3D (I think 3D in general doesn’t work for me). We found a non-3D version at none other than the MOA and I had to convince my daughter to go. Movie was what you’d expect and it entertainingly passed the time, but I didn’t hear much post show. Three days later, my son is talking like Boo-Boo.


3:  Rumpelstiltskins: This would be the home viewing of Shrek 4. The kids were thoughtful enough to get this for their Papa for Christmas. Rumpelstiltskin has three wigs he calls his servants to don, based on the situation, his mood and temperament:  business wig, victory wig and angry wig. Part Pinball Wizard meets Marie Antoinette, girl.com notes.


2.  Trips to the Mall: I’m sure it was more, but two the kids actually liked. MOA for Legoland and Southdale for Tangled. While people tweeted and facebooked away about being super crazed to venture near one local mall in particular, I found it not to be a worry. I think I’m outnumbered.


1.  Squeezy Burp from Junie B. Jones: We went to this play prior to Christmas at the Hopkins Theater. Talented little actors and Junie B. was all Ava and her friend had imagined she’d B. It’s a good starter theater for kids – shorter play run times and no intermission, plus reasonably priced at $12. A much better deal than the coveted Squeezy Burp (think whoopie cushion) that Junie worked hard to round up $5 to buy for herself for Christmas, which she eventually gave to her arch enemy, May.


This Holiday Breakdown brought to you buy one tired parent who now needs to catch up on some sleep.
(answer key: a: 10; b: 1; c: 3; d: 12; e: 9; f: 8; g: 7; h: 5; i: 6; j: 2; k: 4; l: 11.)


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