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Top Little Chefs: Just Bacon Desserts November 22, 2010

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E: Eats and U: The Unknown

When I envisioned discovering super healthy recipes my kids would love, bacon was far from the mix. However, there is a whole host of recipes and underground culture of bacon-lovers. Think bumper stickers: Everything is Better with Bacon. I was curious about that theory.


I was also recently inspired by Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts (admittedly I wondered how they were going to pull off a Bravo show of just desserts) and their quest to discover the sweet and savory. So when I came across the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bacon Cupcake, I knew I had my candidate.


Frosting Test

Frosting Test

When I pitched the recipe idea to the kids (ages 5, 7 and 7), I certainly got some inquisitive looks. This coming from Calvin who not so long ago thought a tasty steamer-type drink was adding chocolate syrup and ketchup to milk. Wait, so if we like bacon and PB and chocolate, we should in theory like the combo in a cupcake. They agreed that there has never been a cupcake they’ve tried and not liked. I had buy in. Ava made the list, I shopped on my own and we began with me, my two kids and my daughter’s friend, who was totally up for the task.


Lots of details in the recipe and with only a 2-hour playdate, we had a lot to accomplish. The girls came and went out of the kitchen. Later I read her “Weekend News” (Monday’s school assignment) to learn that when they retreated to her room and closed the door, they were playing fashone motles. She also noted that it didn’t go so well. My son thought it pretty cool that they left so he could take over. When they returned, he bossed them around. They were mostly okay with that.  They took turns measuring (oil, milk), pouring, cracking the eggs and stirring. They tasted everything, as a good chef should.


They all disappeared during the baking time, while I made what seemed like an enormous amount of frosting (I still have 3 cups leftover and it resembles the consistency of cookie dough) and way more than necessary chocolate drizzle. What went wrong quantity-wise? Couldn’t say. Will chalk it up to lost in translation. Luckily frosting and drizzle are forgiving.  I let the kids frost the cupcakes, exercising patience not to step in and redo.


The last step was creating the polka-dot wrap and bowtie tops so four of the best looking cakes could be sent home safely with Ava’s friend. Even though the insert slots for the base didn’t hold and had to be taped over, the concept was fun and the toothpick bows and ribbons assembly was easy for them.


Cupcakes with Trimmings

Cupcakes with Trimmings

The top little chefs fared well and we have all had our fair share of bacon. If you want for more, see Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts.  And if you still think the PBCB Cupcakes sound unappealing, just note that I used organic bacon and I halved the bacon in the mix. The rest of the bacon, unapologetically, is coated in brown sugar and sprinkled on top.


And the final pitfall: not only are they super appropriate for dessert, but with bacon, they will even tempt you at breakfast.


3.5 of out 5 stars – good on originality, not so heart-healthy. Lost points for frosting consistency were made up for in decor.


3 Responses to “Top Little Chefs: Just Bacon Desserts”

  1. Christie Says:

    Taste. Not test. 🙂

  2. grmasuz Says:

    They say that bacon is nature’s nearly perfect food!

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