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From A Big Red Dog to a Fishy in the Sea November 18, 2010

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O: Outing: Children’s Museum, Salut on Grand, Edina Theater

Children's Museum 09

Clifford N Kids

When Clifford the Big Red Dog came to the Children’s Museum in Saint Paul last fall, we did too.


We called the day kids vacay and did mostly stuff they wanted to do. Truth is, I had a great time. I planned a bit in advance – checking museum times, kids menus and movie times and mapping out a route, leaving plenty of time in between for lingering between the activities.  It rained that day, making the line-up even more inviting.


We were at the Children’s Museum around 10a.m. We checked out the statuesque Clifford in his play area (in the rotating exhibits area) and listened suspciously to the talking and walking dog version as he read a book about himself to the kids. Most of the 2 and 3 year-olds were eating this up. Calvin, my 5-yr-old, was on to him, but played along just the same.


There’s usually a line when face painting is involved. Why not today, I wondered. It was paint your own face day.  They used mirrors. Ava did really well with this, Calvin not so much.


Facepainting: A Self-Portrait

Then, we walked through the water bubbles areas and soon the kids were starved, so I convinced them to split something to hold them until the next stop: lunch.


We left the museum 12:30 or so with Plan A for Salut on Grand and Plan B for Salut in Edina, near the movie theater. I think it’s important in the middle of a go-go day to have a chance to unwind midway. We are so centrally located, I typically come home between outings and keep them to 1.5 hours. Today was a bit different, seeing as though it was vacay.


Salut on Grand

Salut on Grand

Plan A led us to Salut on Grand. They have a basic kids menu that’s very reasonably priced. It’s not on their site, but it’s $3 for pizza or pasta, bread and lemonade per kid. I like it because they use guyere vs. cheddar, just to say not all mac-n-cheese is the same. The kiddie coloring menu is substantial.


We might have lingered a bit too long at Salut, but I allowed us that. It was really raining at this point and traffic heading back West on 94 wasn’t as smooth. The kids were whining and a bit tired out. I wasn’t expecting Ponyo to be stellar and coming into the movie a bit late left all of us with a lot of questions. I made something up about it that proved to be true and satisfied their questions. Biggest, most important take-away was the catchy tune, Ponyo: A Fishy in the Sea. We hummed this all the way home and agreed that it was indeed a fun vacay day.


All in all, a 4 out of 5 star outing. Points off for me due to more money spent than intended. Museum is about $9 each (get a membership already!) and the matinee was $7 for kids and $9 for adults.


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